japanese Cuisine

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  Miso Soup
  Seaweed Salad
  Green Salad
SUSHI (1pc per serving)
  B.B.Q Eel
  Imitation Crab Meat Salad
  Tofu Skin
  Oil Fish
  Spicy Salmon
  Imitation Crab Meat
  Salmon Rose
  Spicy Oil Fish
  Pickled Radish
  Surf Clam
  Sweet Egg
SUSHI PIZZA (4pc per order)
  Imitation Crab Meat
  Spicy Salmon
  Spicy Oil Fish
HOUSE ROLL (4pcs per serving)
  Tokyo Roll
  Dragon Eye Roll
  Orange Dragon Roll
  Dragon Roll
  Rainbow Roll
  Dynamite Roll
  Phoenix Roll
  Kamikaze Roll
SUSHI MAKI ROLL (3pcs per serving)
  Salmon Tempura Roll
  Mushroom Tempura Roll
  California Roll
  B.B.Q Eel Roll
  Imitation Crab Meat Roll
  Imitation Crab Salad Roll
  Crispy Roll
  Cucumber Roll
  Sweet Egg Roll
  Salmon Roll
  Salmon Skin Roll
  Philadelphia Roll
  Radish Roll
  Avocado Roll
  Grilled Chicken Roll
  Grilled Beef Roll
  Spicy Salmon Roll
  Spicy Salmon Skin Roll
  Spicy Oil Fish Roll
  Salmon Avocado Roll
  B.B.Q Eel Avocado Roll
  Avocado Cucumber Roll
  Mango Salmon Roll
  Snapper Tempura Roll
  Spicy Crispy Roll
  Shrimp Tempura Roll
  Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll
HAND ROLL (1pc per serving)
  California HR
  Shrimp HR
  Imitation Crab Meat HR
  Cucumber HR
  Sweet Egg HR
  Crispy HR
  Salmon HR
  B.B.Q Eel HR
  Avocado HR
  Salmon Skin HR
  Fish Egg HR
  Tofu Skin HR
  Spicy Salmon HR
  Shrimp Tempura HR
  Spicy Oil Fish HR
  Spicy Crispy HR
  Imitation Crab Meat Salad HR
  Spicy Salmon Skin HR
  Surf Clam HR
  Eel Avocado HR
  Salmon Avocado HR
  Spicy Shrimp Tempura HR
  Cucumber Avocado HR
  Kamikaze HR
  Beef Teriyaki
  Chicken Teriyaki
  Steak Teriyaki
  Salmon Teriyaki
  Ginger Beef
  Ginger Chicken
  Garlic Beef
  Tofu Steak
  Pan Fried Dumpling
  Stir-Fried Chop Suey
  Beef Onion Roll
TEMPURA (1pc per serving)
  Shrimp Tempura
  Yam Tempura
  Mushroom Tempura
  Pumpkin Tempura
  Taro Tempura
  Eggplant Tempura
  Imitation Crab Meat Tempura
  Squid Tempura
  Zucchini Tempura
  Onion Rings Tempura
DEEP FRIED (1pc per serving)
  Imitation Scallop
  Aged Tofu
  Spring Roll
  Capelin Fish
  Breaded Fish Fillet
  Popcorn Chicken
  Breaded Chicken Cutlet
  Breaded Pork Cutlet
  French Fries
KITCHEN DISHES (1pc per serving)
  Cold Tofu
  Grilled Saury Fish
  Grilled Salmon Neck
  Grilled Salmon Head
  Grilled Salmon Belly
  Garlic Mushroom
  Salmon Bone Soup
  Chicken Skewered
  Beef Skewered
  Seafood Fried Rice
  Beef Fried Rice
  Vegetable Fried Udon
  Beef Fried Udon
  Seafood Fried Udon
RICE (Don)
  Beef Rice
  Beef Rice /w Egg
  B.B.Q Eel Rice
  Pork Rice /w Egg
  Chicken Rice /w Egg
UDON (Thick Noodle Soup)
  Beef Tendon Udon
  Vegetable Udon
  Seafood Udon
  Beef Udon
  Spicy Beef Udon
RAMEN (Thin Noodle Soup)
  Vegetable Ramen
  Seafood Ramen
  Beef Ramen
  Spicy Beef Ramen
  Beef Tendon Ramen
  Miso Ramen
  Hokkaido Ramen
  Osaka Ramen
  General Tao Chicken
  Orange Beef
  Crispy Beef with Sesame
  Stir-Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper
  Singapore Vermicelli
  Cantonese Style Noodles
  Pad Thai
SASHIMI (1pc per serving)
  Oil Fish
  Red Snapper
  Beef Tataki
  Surf Clam
  Sweet Egg
  Imitation Crab Meat
  Grilled Beef Ribs
  Grilled Mussel w/ House Sauce
  Grilled Mussel w/ Spicy Sauce
  Wasabi Mussel
  Octopus Ball
  Shrimp Skewered
  Fish Cake /w Cheese Tempura
  Spicy Salmon Eggplant Pizza
  Flying Fish Egg Sushi
  Enoki Beef Roll
  Spider Roll (4pcs per serving)
  Spicy Dragon Roll (4pcs per serving)
  Smoke Salmon Rainbow Roll (4pcs per serving)
  Grilled Cod Fish
  Beef Salad
  Mackerel Sushi
  White Crystal Sushi
  Yellow Crystal Sushi
  Green Crystal Sushi
  Spicy Salmon Tartar
  Imitation Crab Meat Tartar
  Green Tea Ice-cream
  Red Bean Ice-cream
  Mango Ice-cream